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the designer of business agility

Agile is chic, agile is in! Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, MorE or LeSS… In organizations the most different methods are screwed in, employees are trained up and down, so that the company finally acts agile on the market. For the customer this usually improves – NOTHING!

In this training programme you will learn everything you need so that your company can achieve real business agility. All participants receive a certificate confirming that they have completed this high-quality training programme.

  • Finding a way with Flight Levels to coordinate the various management methods in a goal-oriented way
  • Connecting Agile Islands – from Scrum to Design Thinking to SAFe – to enterprise-wide business agility
  • Equipping coaches and managers with state-of-the-art models and tools for implementation
  • Apply concrete practices to selected company examples

Practical applicability is most important here!

The training programme exclusively deals with topics and solutions from practice. You will see how other companies have found their form of business agility and have numerous opportunities to apply the concepts to your own context and receive valuable feedback.

Is this training programme right for me?

  • You already have experience as an agile coach and now want to be more effective at the corporate level.
  • You want to break through the agile team boundaries and achieve business agility for your entire organization.
  • Your company is in an agile transformation, different agile methods are already in use, but success is still to come.
  • Agility is a declared goal in your company and you want to know how you can support managers and employees professionally.
  • You’re not a fan of framework religions, agile marketing posters and standard mash recipes but want a customized approach for your organization.

Target group and requirements

  • The training programme is clearly aimed at middle and senior management and experienced agile coaches.
  • We require sound knowledge of agile working methods or modern management systems: Scrum, Design Thinking, Kanban, Self-organisation, SAFe, LeSS…
  • One of the FLSA or FLID trainings or the previous Flight Levels Training must have been attended.
  • You have the willingness to bring in your personal experiences and to continuously implement what you have learned
  • Knowledge of the working methods of organisations with 50 – 5000 employees is required
  • Agile methods already used in the corporate context

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